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Pelvic Health Physiotherapy

Many of us both men and women at one point in our life go through discomfort due to pelvic floor dysfunction. Some of them show direct symptoms like incontinence, organ prolapse or pelvic pain. Most of us will have much generalised symptoms like back pain, constipation, joint pain or posture issues.

Pelvic health physiotherapy has come a long way during the past 2 decades from just considering Kegel exercises for all pelvic related issues. Recent day researches show patient specific treatment programmes are the most efficient way to treat pelvic floor disfunctions.

At Triune Physiotherapy we do a thorough examination to find the specific cause of the dysfunction going through the history, proper observation of posture and joint range of motion and internal examination of the pelvic floor muscles.

Most of the pelvic floor dysfunctions will fall under two main groups: -

I. Hyper tonic muscles
which can cause stress incontinence, organ prolapse

II. Hypotonic muscles
Incontinence due to urgency, Pelvic pain, Dyspareunia (painful intercourse)

There are some common conditions like Vaginismus, Vulvodynia, Pudendal neuralgia, Cystitis, Prostatitis, post surgical dysfunctions pre and post natal dysfunctions, can also have a direct relation to pelvic floor muscle function.

At Triune Physiotherapy in hamilton we are focusing to reduce pain by identifying the triggers, encouraging range of motion of the joints, stretching with both manual techniques and self stretching, strengthening by manual and electronic device-based methods and different exercises. We also encourage the effects of acupuncture for the improvement of pelvic function.

We also provide education & home exercise programme where we include bio-feed machine to make sure the you are doing the right exercises of the right muscles (you can rent the device from our clinic).

It is important for all of us to pay attention to our body. Stop suffering silently. Its not a shame to have pelvic floor dysfunction, its like any other muscle in your body and need to have the same attention to have optimal health and quality life.