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Shoulder Pain & Physiotherapy

Are you having pain or difficulty reaching for something high on a shelf, tucking in shirt or reaching into your back pocket or have been avoiding some of these activities due to pain, stiffness or weakness. Physiotherapy in Hamilton is going to help you recover and get back to your pre- functional status.

Shoulder pain can be caused by several reasons most common being –

  • Tendinitis / Tendinopathy.
  • Arthritis.
  • Frozen Shoulder.
  • Impingement.
  • Shoulder Instability Idiopathic / Traumatic.
  • Fracture.
  • Rotator Cuff tears.

Or may be due to simple muscle tightness / Poor posture.

Physiotherapy treatment for Shoulder pain aims to reduce pain & improve range of motion & Strength with various treatment methods which may include Ice/Heat, Ultrasound therapy, Electric stimulation, Athletic taping, Manual therapy & soft tissue release techniques, Joint mobilization/ Stabilization, Stretching & Strengthening.

Your Physiotherapist will also educate you on activity modification & work place ergonomics. Also you will be provided a comprehensive home exercise programme which would be safe for you to do at home for speedy recovery. At Triune Physiotherapy we have a professional team of Physiotherapists in Ontario , Massage therapists & Chiropractors with a vast experience in treating these conditions.

We believe that education is the key factor in preventing an injury & also how to deal with your injury & get back to your normal activity without pain & improved strength.