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Tips For A Safe Return To The Gym After Lockdown

Hitting the gym after lockdown can be exciting. Maybe you’re looking forward to shed those extra calories you consumed or get into that ideal shaping you’ve been dreaming of. However sudden return to your previous exercise schedule and methods can do serious harm than benefit. Since you have been in a phase without much physical activity, you have to patiently ease in with proper guidance. Thus the importance of physiotherapy comes in. Truine provides the best quality physiotherapy in Hamilton focusing on intensive care and guidance on starting your workout. Our team has the most experienced physiotherapists in Hamilton. Together we’ll device a plan with buffer period of 3-6 weeks of slowly progressing towards your old routine.

First step is to identify your workout goal, be it losing weight, weight gain, weightlifting or endurance training, our physiotherapists works on range extension technique and relaxation techniques for the same with you. If you have any physical difficulties like back pain, disc prolapse it is mandatory that you let us know, the techniques will be tweaked for your best interest and safety.

We emphasize the importance of warm-up and cardio exercises. Our physiotherapists will take you through systematic ways of regaining proper endurance and stamina while smoothing out the process with almost no harm to your body. Proper breathing technique is fundamental to any exercises, thus we work with you personally train and sustain it. Increasing treadmill time period, muscle engaging techniques like squats, lunges for lower body and, push-ups for the upper body sre actively trained and increased in frequency.

Primary sessions are focused on relearning exercise techniques under the guidance of physiotherapists before actually performing it at in a full-fledged manner. For example: Learning the right technique to lift weight bar before adding weight and subsequently adding weight one at a time. This technique is mobilizing and potentiating. The virtue is to reduce strain on your muscles while building ample strength.

Next focus is given on monitoring the training frequency. Training frequency is the number of times you train per week. High level muscle soreness after exercising is a major difficulty people face exercising after a long time gap. We can experience the same even after taking long walks when we are not used to it. Thus this condition is effectively tackled by our physiotherapists by taking into account the state of your body, your height-weight ratio and the number of days trained per week is increased accordingly.

Recovery after training is an important factor. Then again according to your state of body, height weight ratio, levels of endurance recovery time after working out is adjusted. Usually longer periods of recovery is given after every exercise session, this helps body regain its replenished resources. Slowly our physiotherapists guide you towards reducing the recovery period. While the recovery period being trained one themselves should make sure that they get a sound eight hour sleep every night, have sufficient protein in the diet and keep a check on overall calories consumed.

When it comes to physiotherapy in Hamilton, Triune has in the forefront guiding fitness enthusiasts. Thus we promise you’ll have an enjoyable and motivated workout experience with the best set of physiotherapists in Hamilton.